What is a Blockhead? :)

Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 9:25 PM By: Amanda (Ddubsoldier2010)

Have you ever met a diehard fan of an actor, musical group, or author? A diehard New Kids on the Block fan is known as a Blockhead. Blockhead is a term that started when teenage girls fell in love with the five bad brothers from the beantown land. Fans in general started the term Blockhead. The band Grateful Dead were called “deadheads,” because New Kids’ fans follow the Block, we are referred to as Blockheads. According to several fans via twitter, a blockhead is a loyal fan, proud of the New Kids and will support them with everything she or he has. Blockheads are more than just fans to the guys, they tell us we are all a family, and many Blockheads refer to each others as sisters or brothers. Many fans say that they “bleed” the Block.
Since 1984, loyalty has been a big part of being a Blockhead. The New Kids’ are as loyal to us as we are to them. They treat us like family, if we are feeling down, they tweet us and let us know they care. If we are having an amazing day, they even tell us they are happy for us. A lot of Blockheads will defend each and every guy till the end. For example, when Perez Hilton ousted Jonathan Knight about being gay, just about every single blockhead tweeted him and told him how wrong he was, and that it is none of his concern. Back in the 90’s when it was rumored that the New Kids’ were lip syncing, 95% of the fans stuck behind the guys and heard them out. Blockheads are not quick to judge when it comes to the guys. The love and support that the guys shows us, gives us so much more reason to be loyal to them.
Blockheads are one of the most supportive groups of fans. When the guys chose to break up in 1994, Blockheads supported their decision, and fifteen years later when they chose to come back, we were here waiting and anticipating what was in store for us. We also support Danny Wood’s (Member of the band) Remember Betty foundation for breast cancer. Many Blockheads have been raising money for the foundation and have been doing the walks to also raise money. For example, for the New Kids on the Block cruise coming up, 232 donations were made to the Remember Betty foundation, and we raised $6005.00. Blockheads support every foundation that the guys promote or are involved it. Recently, Donnie Wahlberg sent out a tweet to us, telling us that another Blockhead needed a kidney. With that one tweet, many calls went through to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, and they found six donor matches. If Blockheads were not supportive, where would New Kids on the Block be now?
Being a Blockhead is more than being a fan. There is more to it. We are like a huge family. Just like regular families, we have disagreements, reunions and even are some of our escapes from our real family. Blockheads look to other “sisters” to vent about home life, because not everyone has someone at home to listen. While writing this paper, Blockheads told me their life stories and how so many other Blockheads have been through the same thing, or going through it.
To me, Blockheads are the family I’ve always wanted. They truly understand my “obsession” to New Kids on the Block. They understand why I spend so much money on the band. We all support the New Kids’ and we will stay loyal till the final curtain call. A million sisters and five brothers will be stronger than any other fan base “family” around for years to come. To the non-believers of Blockheads I say peace, just like Blockheads and the New Kids on the Block said 20 years ago.

I did this for my English 101 class last fall

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    Heyyy stopping by to wish you a great day!!!!

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    loved your blog ;)

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    wonderful :)

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    I can tell you something for sure.. No one understand Blockheads and our passion for the guys. Most people will turn to you and say that NKOTB is outdated, and bla bla bla.
    But who cares right?? We love the guys and that's all that matters..

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    On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:12 AM, JKsTinkBella said:

    Nice work! It clearly states who we are and why we stick together. Beyond the guys we are a family of sisters and brothers who have a common link and the support I've found among all of them can be rivaled by nothing else! Love my BLOCKHEAD family!

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    wow, Congratulations!! Better than that impossible, I guess in the class because everyone understood we are proud to be BLOCKHEAD's

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    Great blog! I hope you got an A on it in your English 101 class!

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